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In order to graduate from my two-year studies in beer, wine and spirits trade, I had to do a two-month internship in Europe via Erasmus+. Why did I choose Ireland? For me it is a country that I have always wanted to visit, a country with splendid landscapes and welcoming habitants.

The purpose of this internship was to learn more about alcoholic beverages. It could be focused on sales, advice or the production of wines/beers/spirits.

Choosing The White Hag Brewing Company as a host company was obvious, they were able to perfectly adapt the tasks I had to perform to meet the expectations of my training in France.

I worked there in production, online store, canning line etc. but it was in the commercial office that I was the most efficient.
I was immediately put at the heart of commercial projects, it’s an unforgettable internship where I was able to meet incredible people and experience moments charged with emotions.

Throughout the year I work in a trade specializing in alcoholic beverages, what better than to really understand where the final product comes from?

The location of the company is also extremely attractive, Sligo is magnificent and steeped in history! There are lots of 360° views, the people are welcoming and caring, and traditional pubs are wonderful.

All these experiences have tought me a lot, particularly in terms of task management, initiative, organization of working time and setting up a business meeting situation. Making the choice to go alone for 2 months is an experience that everyone must live, it is going to meet others and go on an adventure.

I had the opportunity to take part of the creation of a new beer, to discuss with business partners, to plan an event, to take part in a beer festival gathering international breweries. Each week, new challenges presented themselves to me. Behind every challenge is an opportunity.

I will keep an eternal memory of this internship. These two months have marked my life both professionally and personally. The team is incredible, they know how to have moments of distraction while remaining very productive and professional. What better way to keep smiling while going to work?

It is without hesitation that I recommend this brewery as a place of internship and learning.

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