Welcome to Boxtravaganza! For the second year running, we’re going semi cyber for our annual birthday beer festival live on Saturday August 7th. 


How’s this going to happen?

We’re getting freshly packaged beer sent to us from across the globe, by some of the world’s most interesting brewers. We’ll assemble 24 of these individual beers in one box, and send it out to 500 lucky participants, along with some other goodies, in time for a live stream virtual beer festival on Sat 7th August. We’ll have live tastings, interviews, music, comedy and a tonne of continuity and tech issues!


Who’s coming?

The beer list will be available in early July, dependent on brew schedules, logistics and boats/planes crossing the Atlantic, Irish sea and the country boundary.


How can we join? 

You buy the box – we’d advise splitting it with a mate or two – and set up a screen to watch our live stream on YouTube, from 4pm – 10pm on the 7th August. 


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Date change: 

Despite initially aiming to host Hagstravaganza/Boxtravaganza on the August Bank Holiday weekend, our latest advice is to move to the following weekend to have the best chance of hosting the live element at the brewery. So our new date is August 7th!


  • Can I pay in instalments? Afraid not, we don’t have that facility
  • Will there definitely be a live festival at the brewery? No, but we’re trying to make a small one happen. 
  • How many beers will be in the box? 24 beers, a mix of cans and bottles, 330ml – 500ml
  • How will I get the box? It will be delivered by DPD up to a week in advance. Please note that we CANNOT ship to mainland UK…Brexit!
  • Can I get more/less glasses/beers? No, we need to keep each box identical to ensure ease of packing and accuracy of contents
  • Are all the beers exclusive to Ireland? The intention is that you’ll never have tasted any of these beers before in Ireland, but we can’t promise that yet!
  • Has anyone seen Benny? No, no sign of him yet 
  • Can I come to the brewery on the day of the festival, with my box? No, this box is purely for home consumption and does not include a ticket to access the brewery on the day
  • Is the festival back next year? Yes, but we said that last year, didn’t we!

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 36 cm