For this Spree Series we’ll brew a bunch of beer’s that are purely experimental and fun, and not to be taken seriously. Unless you like serious… This particular ice cream ale is a very seasonal, one day only celebration beer, first concieved by Ronald and his buddies at the big M for our national holiday. Expect aromatic mint on the nose, followed by a cool lingering peppermint flavour, and a creamy soft ‘milk-shakey’ body. Also, its Green!

It may not be the kind of beer you’ll need 24 of, so we’re packaging it up with two of our favourites, Little Fawn and Phantom.

Spree Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ale Sample Case Sample Case with 24 beers made up from 3 different styles.

8x Spree Shamrock Shake Ice Cream Ale
8x Little Fawn
8x Phantom


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Inside you’ll get 24 cans in total which are:

8 x  Spree Shamrock Shake | Ice Cream Ale | 330ml can | 5.5% ABV
8 x Little Fawn | Session IPA | 330ml can | 4.2% ABV
8 x Phantom | Hazy IPA | 330ml can | 4.0% ABV


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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 20 cm

24 x 330ml Can