The White Hag Barrel Aged Program

In 2016, we set about developing an ambitious beer barrel-ageing programme, with a little help from our friends. So, we launched The White Hag ‘Adopt a Barrel’ crowdfunding campaign. Our initial target of 100 barrels was far exceeded, and now our unique facility boasts almost 300 beautiful oak barrels. 

The White Hag Barrel Aged Range
TheWhiteHag Hagstravaganza1715

We have aged dozens of beers in hundreds of barrels previously housing Bourbon, Scotch and Irish spirits, as well as European wines and sherries. Many of the bottles born from this initiative have become collector’s items, and take pride of place in the cellars of beer aficionados across the globe. 

While the beer barrel ageing continues, we are also working on a very exciting next phase. We will be sharing some details soon of how our friends, family and fans can once again get involved in bringing more great liquid to the world!

TheWhiteHag Hagstravaganza1716