Alla Nostra!
The White Hag Irish brewery returns to Italy

We are coming back to Italy, with full nationwide distribution, and we would love to introduce you to the beer we’re bringing over.

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Our story so far

We set out to make interesting and innovative beers, with a nod towards the ancient and classic beer styles that were common in our hinterland for generations. Our beers challenge the norms and we pride ourselves on bringing new taste experiences to our beer community.

While known for our award-winning stout range and a stellar set of IPA’s that make up most of our core range – Hazy, DIPA’s, Session IPA, West Coast and more – our sour programme is emerging as our point of differentiation.

The Púca sour range in particular has captured the imagination of the beer consumer who wants a tart, effervescent mixed fermentation sour beer. It’s supported by our Heather Sour, Apple sour and a few other special collaboration sours we’ve made along the way. We also have a range of award winning stouts.

We collaborate with many of our peers in the industry, and have made beers with breweries from across the world that have been truly groundbreaking for us.

We pride ourselves on creating great beer with breweries and aficionados here in Italy like Birrificio Lambrate in Milan, and Johnny’s Off License, from Rome.

white hag italy
white hag italy 3

Ivano, owner of La Belle Alliance, Milano pictured with The White Hag co-founder Paul Mullin at our St Patrick’s Day tap takeover in March 2017.

Our BeerS

The White Hag Little Fawn Can

An easy-to-drink American-style session IPA. Brewed with 100% Irish malt for a pale, clean base.  The flavour is fruity hops with aromas of blueberry, passionfruit, and grapefruit. Well balanced, with a mild lingering bitter finish.

The White Hag Atlantean Can

In this creamy and cloudy IPA we use copious amounts of American hops to add a big, juicy, fruity punch. A smooth, creamy mouthfeel with little to no hop bitterness, imparting a tropical, juicy sweetness rather than the classic bitter.

The White Hag Dry Hopped Lemon Sour Can

 A tart and refreshing wheat beer brewed with oats, lemon peel, ginger and coriander. The flavour and aroma are dominated by fresh citrus and hibiscus notes. Beautifully balanced acidity, with an ultra refreshing finish.



The White Hag Black Boar Can

An intensely flavoured, big , dark ale. Roasty and bittersweet, with a chocolate alcohol presence. Dark fruit flavours meld with roasted coffee notes to create a very full-bodied, velvety, luscious texture.

330ml Can Ninth Wave New World Pale Ale

A hoppy citrus American Pale ale with a soft body and a dry crisp. Stuffed with American hops, added in different stages of the fermentation. Refreshing and thirst-quenching. This modern Pale ale brings New-World hops to the forefront to create a balanced and drinkable, hoppy ale, with a bright, fruity presence.

The White Hag Phantom Hazy IPA

This is a golden, hazy and sessionable IPA, with a soft, juicy mouthfeel. Big citrus and fruity top notes accentuated by piney, dank undertones. The intentional haze is caused by withholding the finings in the kettle, allowing the proteins to remain in suspension, ultimately binding with the hop oils to deliver the freshest, hoppiest flavour possible.  Finishes with Intense tropical fruit, citrus and pine. Soft carbonation, dripping with juicy hops oils.

330ml Can Bran & Sceolan Irish IPA

An American-style IPA brewed with 100% Irish malt. Pine and citrusy grapefruit are balanced by  a full, malt backbone. Very pale with a slight hop haze from high levels of dry hopping. Fruity aromas of passionfruit, grapefruit and orange. The flavour is equally fruity, with a soft mouthfeel and a balanced finish.


440ml Can Fionn Double IPA

Fionn is a modern, New-World-style DIPA, extremely pale with a focus on late and dry hop additions to create an intensely fruity IPA. The absence of oats or lactose allows some bitterness to shine through allowing for a more balanced, moreish finish. Intense citrus and tropical fruits dominate the flavour and aroma. A lush backbone of Irish pale malt supports the heavy hop bill creating a well-balanced finish that leans towards bitter. 

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