A Tale of two Red Ales

As part of our efforts to give a little more insight into the beers we brew, why we brew them and what inspires them, we’re hosting a series of blog posts over the next 6 months. Some will be by guest bloggers, some by the brew team and some will be a combination of sources.

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Samhain | Pumpkin Ale

We’ve had a tonne of messages in the last 2 weeks about our seasonal Pumpkin Ale. So, here we have it – back by popular demand – Samhain our Pumpkin Ale!

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Hopstravaganza 7

As if by magic, our birthday beer reappears just in time for our 7th birthday party! This year we tried something a little whimsical and packed seven hop varieties into a 7.7% beer.

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Spree Series Super Split

Remember getting the ultimate treat on a sweltering day, of a tangy and sweet frozen Super Split, trying to stick your tongue to it and eat it before it melted? We’ve put it in a can and added beer. Much handier!

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A Lidl Bit Of Good News

As the weather gets better and we can celebrate having our friends and neighbours back in our lives, we want to give you a little something to share with those you might not have had a beer with in a while. Or ever.

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