The White Hag Clann Logo

Some call it a family. Others call it a club.

We call it a Clann.

We’re inviting you, our closest friends and family, to join The White Hag Clann.

Join us and you’ll receive a monthly delivery featuring 12 beers, selected by our brew team, changing each month. One of these will be a guest beer from our ‘Extended Clann’.

Clann comes first. You’ll be the first in the world to taste some of our seasonal brews and special collaborations. Fresh from The White Hag, to your door.

We believe in the wisdom of our Clann. That’s why your knowledge and passion for beer will help guide our brews. Once every season, one of our special small batches will be shared with some of our Clann. You’ll give us your view on the brew and influence the direction of future seasonal brews.

Finally, a one-off, experimental barrel-aged beer will be gifted exclusively to each member – all in celebration of another year of incredible beer.

Our Clann will unite on October 2nd.

Join us.

Clann Spoils

Clann Spoils

One exclusive barrel aged beer to celebrate the first year of the The White Hag Clann

10% off our online store all year long

Occasional complimentary swag

Pre-release access to all barrel aged beers

A free pass to one of our taproom events

Beer tasting with our monthly ‘Clann Call’

Monthly Clann news and updates email

Beer selection panel participation

An exclusive ‘Clann Kindle’ every Yule



/ month for 12 months

White Hag Clann Core Box

The Clann Core box is a mix of our classics: Little Fawn, Ninth Wave, Phantom and Atlantean delivered every month, for those who want to see a familiar face in their fridge.

These are the heart of The White Hag Clann. Our spiritual elders. The ones who made us who we are.

We brew them every other week, because you drink them weekly.  So they’re always fresh, always available.

Clann Core Cans

Clann Core

  • 12 fresh beers monthly, delivered in the first week of the month
  • Contains: our most loved core range beers, including Little Fawn, Ninth Wave, Atlantean, Róc, Púca and Bran & Sceolan
  • Will include all the ‘Spoils’ benefits
  • €30 per month (€3 P+P / €5 UK)
Clann More

Clann More is for those of you who like to explore a little further beyond home comforts – containing a mix of our core range and new, seasonal and guest beers.

Those of you we know best have told us time and again that you love meeting the wider beer family through us – be it at our festivals, events or through our Boxtravaganza.

Cousins once removed, brothers from another mother, beers from some of our favourite breweries. You’ll find one in every box.

Clann More Cans

Clann More

  • 12 fresh beers monthly, delivered in the first week of the month.
  • Contains: 1 guest beer, 5 new/seasonal beers, & 6 beers from the core range. Always includes 2 - 4 cans from our new 440ml range
  • Each month we aim to bring you one beer from our Clann More, chosen by our brewers from some of our favourite breweries worldwide
  • €35 per month (+€3 P+P / €5 UK)


/ month for 12 months


Why is there a delivery charge?

It costs us over €10 to pack and send you the beers, safely and quickly. Free delivery becomes impossible to absorb when we are shipping less than a full case.

Can I pause my Clann membership?

We can apply a month’s holiday included if needed– because sometimes everyone needs a break from their Clann.

What if I want to cancel?

The subscription is for 12 months. Your commitment is what allows our Clann to continue.

What if I don’t like the beers?

We will be selecting beers from across the range including new beers, collaborations and guest beers. This is designed to broaden your knowledge and let you taste and explore new beers. If you are wary of new styles (or just know what you like!) it may suit to opt for Core Clann.

Can I buy this for someone else, as a brilliant birthday/Christmas/anniversary present?

Yes. Absolutely. They will love you for it. And years from now, they’ll look back fondly on the gift. You sign up as the payee, and input their details as the recipient.

I’m hoping to do Dry January - what to do?

You’re not alone. Even at the brewery, we try to limit our alcohol intake at certain times of the year. We intend to include a non alcohol beer in the January, box but a full non-alc box is very unlikely. It might be a good time to take your months holiday.

On what date can I pay each month?

All payments are taken on the 2nd of the month, no matter when you sign up. If you sign up after the 2nd, you won’t receive a box until the following month.

When does my box ship?

We’ll aim to ship it on the next working day after the 2nd of the month, unless there’s a special beer we’re waiting for, and we’ll tell you by email about that.

Why can we not order 12 cans at a time off the store?

Our licence doesn’t allow us to sell less than a full case to the public. However, the beer club allows us to provide a subscription service that aggregates the purchase over 12 months.

Can I update/change my credit card?

Yes, just log into your account, in the main menu, and follow the instructions.


  1. Boxes cannot be swapped, changed or returned without a valid reason
  2. The subscription must be for 12 months minimum, no refunds or break clauses
  3. Box details will be emailed last week of the month, and beers sent in the first week of the month
  4. TWH retain the right to swap in equivalent beers in case of unavailability