Union Series – Nelson Sauvin | SmaSh IPA

Union is the unification of two or more things, for a common purpose. SmaSh stands for “Single malt and Single hop”. Our Union SmaSh Series looks to expose our fans to some of the exciting hop varieties that we use here in our brewery.

Each beer consists of only one malt – Irish Ale malt, and one hop; in this case we’re showcasing “Nelson Sauvin”. Nelson Sauvin – Nelson Sauvin’s name is derived from the Sauvignon Blanc wine grape to which many agree has similar flavour and aroma characteristics. Due to the complexity of its oils and the fruity aroma it produces, it is one of the most popular hops grown in the Nelson area, as well as throughout New Zealand.


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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 36 cm

24 x 440ml Can






Water, barley, hops & yeast.