Double IPA

Fionn Mac Cumhall was a giant, a brave, legendary warrior. He was father to Oisin, Little Fawn (our session IPA), and his Wolfhounds were Bran & Sceolan (our Irish IPA). So, there was never any doubt over what we would name our hugely hoppy Double IPA. A flawless balance of bitter and juicy, with a robust backbone, it is truly a giant of a beer. At 8.5% ABV, it proudly stands, as the patriarch of The White Hag family of IPA’s.


Fionn is a modern, New-World-style DIPA, extremely pale with a focus on late and dry hop addidions to create an intensely fruity IPA. The absence of oats or lactose allows some bitterness to shine through allowing for a more balanced, moreish finish.

Tasting Notes

Intense citrus and tropical fruits dominate the flavour and aroma. A lush backbone of Irish pale malt supports the heavy hop bill creating a well-balanced finish that leans towards bitter.





Water, Barley, Hops & Yeast


440ml Can

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