The White Sow

Oatmeal Chocolate Milk Stout

Mother of the Black Boar, this legendary animal was a symbol of fertility and birth. In the end this rampaging yet beautiful beast was slain to death and her fallen body shape-shifted into the Mountain of Kesh in Sligo. Like The White Sow, this stout is smooth and full-bodied, and in time we hope you’ll agree, the stuff of legend!


A sweet milk stout with the addition of real cocoa and Irish oats. Full bodied with a sweetness to balance complex malts.

Tasting Notes

The flavour and aroma is dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and cream with a background of rich malts, with a frosty tan head and a rich velvety mouth-feel.





Water, barley, lactose, oats, cocao, hops & yeast


330ml Can

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