Olcan BA

Barrel Aged Brett IPA

Before the discovery of yeast in 1857, practically all beer was fermented in wooden vessels with microbes resident within the wood itself. Our Barrel Series aims to recreate some of the flavours produced by these magical little organisms.


Olcan was fermented in French oak barrels using multiple strains of Brettanomyces yeast. The strains were selected for their ability to produce an array of fruit flavours and assertive funkiness. The beer was then dry-hopped in stainless tanks with American hops to complement the tropical yeast notes and the gentle spice character from the oak fermentation.

Tasting Notes

In this creamy and cloudy IPA we use copious amounts of American hops to add a big, juicy, fruity punch. Oats and lactose add a rich creaminess that subdues the bitterness, making this beer similar to a hopshake. Drink this beer as fresh as possible, when all the Alpha & Beta oils from the hops are the most powerful.





Water, barley, hops, oats & yeast.


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