Warrior Queen

Irish Red Ale

This beer is dedicated to the original strong Irish female, Meabh, Queen of Connaught. The White Hag brewery proudly sits in the shadows of Knocknarea, a neolithic mountain, upon which sits the cairn, or grave of this fearless warrior, and leader of men. This Irish Red Ale has an incredibly smooth malt body, with undertones of soft caramel and rich toffee, and a gently balanced finish.


The modern Irish Red Ale style is essentially an adaptation or interpretation of the popular English Bitter style with less hopping and a bit of roast to add colour and dryness.

Tasting Notes

An easy-drinking pint. Slightly malty in the balance with an initial soft toffee/caramel sweetness, and a touch of roasted dryness in the finish.





Water, barley, hops & yeast.


330ml Can

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