Heidrun was the mythical goat who stood atop Valhalla, the vast hall of Odin, the Germanic god. Bock beer originated in the Northern Germanic city of Einbeck, which was a brewing centre and popular exporter in the days of the Hanseatic League. As the beer became popular in Bavaria, the term ‘ein-beck’ was pronounced ‘ein-bock’ which popularly translates as ‘Billy Goat’, inspiring the commonly used symbolism of bock beers.


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It’s a season where we brew a beer for Oktberfest, an ode to the German heritage of brewing. We’ve decided to do a bock beer, as we go for a beer with more depth then the marzen we have brewed previously.

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24 x 440ml Can






Water, barley, hops & yeast.

Tasting Notes

Complex maltiness is dominated by the rich flavours of Munich and Vienna malts, which contribute melanoidins and toasty flavours. Some caramel notes present from the long boil. Hop bitterness is subdued, yet supports the malt flavours allowing a bit of sweetness to linger into the finish, with no hop flavour or roasted/burnt character.