As you’ll probably have guessed, we’re going to have to pull back on plans for Hagstravaganza this July. We’ve held out as long we can, but it appears that despite a huge national commitment and lots of progress across the country, we won’t be in a position to hold large scale events until mid August. It’s heartbreaking, but not as important as maintaining our health. All tickets will be refunded in the next two weeks. All is not lost, however… 

While we cant physically hold the festival, we’ve been inundated with requests to keep the festival alive in a virtual manner, so we’re going to turn HAGSTRAVAGANZA into BOXTRAVAGANZA for one year only!

We are going to create a special festival box, available to beer fans throughout Ireland who had already purchased tickets or attended previously. The box will feature a special beer from each brewery who had been invited, and of course our own Hopstravaganza festival beer. On the day of the festival, we’ll be bringing each brewery online to feature in our ‘live unboxing’ to meet our fans, and give a quick intro to the beer. We’ll also have music, comedy, shouting and a very special recreation of the festival train!

We would LOVE if you can still be part of the festival – all we need is for you to register your interest HERE and we’ll mail you the box details when they are ready.

In the meantime, please keep 23rd and 24th July free in your calendars for 2021 😉

Thanks for your patience and we hope we are helping you through the crisis as much as you are helping us 🙂

Bring me to BOXTRAVAGANZA register your interest page…

We are delighted and grateful for the support of the Leader local action group and our county council to make this event happen. Also supported by The Department of Rural and Community Development, and the European Commission

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  1. Guys we are gutted that you have had to adapt and that we can’t make it to beautiful Ireland this time to come and meet your properly. What a wonderful idea you have had instead and we would love to be part of it however we can be over here on the islands.

    1. twh_bob

      Thanks Marcus, we’ll be doubly prepared for your visit next year, and hopefully see you before then! Thanks for the support.

    2. Laura

      Hey are these still available to purchase?

  2. John Thomas

    Is this offer available to residents of the U.S.A.?

    1. twh_bob

      Unfortunately not 🙁 but we’re working on a solution to make our beer available there…

  3. Billy

    Bravo! Such a brilliant idea from one of my favourite breweries – just gutted as we planned to come back home to Eire to attend this f’kin year. Even if I miss out on a box, we’ll be by the virtual fence, peering in, planning a way to sneak by cyber-security.

    1. twh_bob

      Thanks Billy! We’re shipping to the UK and all of the EU with this too!

  4. Steve

    Hi guys, is it just Ireland or can they be delivered to the UK? Thanks

    1. twh_bob

      Hey Steve, we are including the UK and delivery is free!

    2. twh_bob

      We’re shipping to the UK for free, and all of the EU with this too!

  5. Dave

    I better get this beer table sorted. Mini HAGFEST plans are in the making in Tallafornia!

  6. Thom

    Hi guys, what a BRILLIANT idea!

    I live in Belgium and visit Ireland for 3/4 weeks every summer. Last year I attended your festival for the first time and loved it! This year there is still uncertainty if the 2 week quarantaine rule will be lifted by the time me and the family drive over.

    So, my question: I have ordered a box and have the delivery address set as the holiday home we’ll be staying at. Now, you may have heard that by 9/7 we should know which countries don’t have to quarantaine anymore. Hopefully Belgium! If we can’t travel over this summer, I’ll be gutted, but it would be great to be able to get the delivery address changed for my order to our home here in Antwerp. What’s the latest you need to know before you send out the boxes?



    1. TWH_Conor

      Hi Thom,

      Glad you enjoyed Hagstravaganza last year, it was a phenomenal experience for everyone involved!

      If you let us know on the 9th of July then we can change the delivery address in time before everything gets shipped out!



  7. Tom Andrews

    Have all the boxes been bought now?

    1. twh_bob

      Yes, all gone I’m afraid! But there are some of our Birthday Boxes left on the store –

  8. MixEroto

    Thank you very much for the invitation :). Best wishes.
    PS: How are you? I am from France 🙂

  9. Grainne

    Hi, is it possible to buy a box with 24 different cans? Thanks, Gráinne

    1. twh_bob

      Hiya, just the mixes on the store for now!

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