You are currently viewing Múllan – a strong beer inspired by a test of strength

If you are here, then you are probably already aware of the great lifting stones of Ireland that go back generations. But we’d imagine you want to know more..

David Keohan, the great stone lifter of Ireland explains a little more… The Mullán Port bhéal an Dún is to me the most special lifting stone in Ireland, the first found, the beginning of the journey. The Mullán Port bhéal an Dún is 171kg of granite, monstrous in its size, shape, history and cultural significance.

Our take on a traditional ESB is a big, strong bitter, with a modern hop profile. Named for the ancient celtic tradition of stone lifting by the strong men of the North western europe, the name Mullán comes from a beautiful red-pink stone perched on the island of Inis Mór, off Irelands west coast. Find out more from David Keohan, the modern celtic stone lifter here.

TWH 2024 ESB 440ml V3 can mock

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